Commercial Mould And Asbestos Inspections

Commercial Mould And Asbestos Inspections

Commercial mould and asbestos inspections protect your employees and help you deliver a safe and healthy workplace environment. 

  • Common sources of asbestos in the workplace include insulation in the walls and ceilings and around plumbing pipes, roofing and siding materials, ceiling and floor tiles, and plaster.
  • Common sources of mould contamination in the workplace include leaking pipes, sewer backups, production humidity, condensation, floods, and leaky roofs and windows.

Both of these contaminants compromise workplace air quality and workplace health and safety. Mould contamination can also compromise your inventory and structural components of your commercial building. Mellon commercial mould and asbestos inspections leverage advanced detection technologies including thermal and infrared and are a critical tool for the initial detection of these dangerous substances, but also to confirm that abatement and remediation have been performed correctly.

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Mellon Real Estate Inspections has developed a deep and distinctive insight into the Calgary Residential, Commercial, and Industrial real estate landscape. Our knowledge and experience position us to provide comprehensive inspection services and an elevated level of customer care. Whatever your real estate inspection needs, Mellon stands with you.


A home represents a significant investment. For buyers and sellers hoping to protect their investment a residential inspection is key. For buyers, a residential inspection gives you the insight you need to negotiate your purchase, request repair of any deficiencies, or walk away from a


A commercial inspection is a critical strategy to maximize your investment and minimize your risk when purchasing. Mellon Real Estate Inspections is certified, bonded, and insured for $5 million in errors and omissions; five times the coverage of most commercial inspectors. Mellon is uniqu


The safety and functionality of your industrial space is key to manufacturing profitability and productivity. Whether your facility is new construction, a retrofit, or a previously-owned industrial building, comprehensive inspection of the physical structures, infrastructure, and functiona

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Commercial Mould And Asbestos Inspection FAQs

If the presence of mould is detected during an inspection of the home you wish to purchase you could opt to request remediation by the current owner, adjust your offer price to account for remediation costs, or walk away from the deal. Mould in the home, although dangerous and pervasive when not addressed, can be safely cleaned up and all surfaces and materials with mould contamination can be treated or replaced to make your home a safe and healthy space.

If the presence of asbestos is detected during an inspection of the home you wish to purchase you could opt to request remediation by the current owner, adjust your offer price to account for remediation costs, or walk away from the deal. There are highly-qualified asbestos abatement specialists who can safely and completely contain or remove any asbestos in the home to protect your family and your investment.

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