When selling your home, it is very likely that your goal is to maximize your profit with a quick and problem-free sale. For sellers, a home inspection gives you the opportunity to identify any deficiencies and address any concerns that could impact your listing price, drag out negotiations, or jeopardize the sale of your home. When you have lived in your home for a while, you may become used to certain shortcomings or be unaware of the aging aspects of your home that need attention. An experienced and knowledgeable inspector can bring a fresh perspective and help you identify deficiencies in your home. A pre-listing inspection includes the evaluation of:

  • Exterior: roof and gutter systems, siding, foundation, soil grading, windows and doors, exterior electrical, venting, garage foundation and electrical wiring.
  • Interior: attic, insulation, plumbing and water flow, interior electrical systems, heating and cooling, walls, ceiling, floors, basement, structural components, interior doors and trim.

A Mellon pre-listing inspection includes a skilled visual inspection of these components, but also advanced inspection techniques using thermal and infrared technologies, air and water quality assessment tools, and more. This information allows you to get ahead of issues to make your sale profitable and as easy as possible.

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Mellon Real Estate Inspections has developed a deep and distinctive insight into the Calgary Residential, Commercial, and Industrial real estate landscape. Our knowledge and experience position us to provide comprehensive inspection services and an elevated level of customer care. Whatever your real estate inspection needs, Mellon stands with you.


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A commercial inspection is a critical strategy to maximize your investment and minimize your risk when purchasing. Mellon Real Estate Inspections is certified, bonded, and insured for $5 million in errors and omissions; five times the coverage of most commercial inspectors. Mellon is uniqu


The safety and functionality of your industrial space is key to manufacturing profitability and productivity. Whether your facility is new construction, a retrofit, or a previously-owned industrial building, comprehensive inspection of the physical structures, infrastructure, and functiona

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Pre-Listing FAQs

Pricing for a Mellon home inspection is:

  • Less than 2700 sq feet - $600
  • 2700 sq feet to 3200 sq feet - $750
  • 3200 sq feet and up - Contact us for custom pricing.

The average new build home inspection takes between 2.5 and 3 hours. In most cases, residential inspection reports are delivered within 24 hours from the completion of the inspection.

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At Mellon Real Estate Inspection, we ensure that we meet, and exceed your inspection requirements, thanks to our enhanced and efficient services and technologies. We are here to guide your project across the finish line according to your timeline and augment your real estate inspection needs with our exceptional repertoire of knowledge and insight.

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