Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

Mellon Real Estate (MRE) Inspection provides condition assessments completed in conformance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Practice E2018-15, “Standard Guide For Building Science and Sustainable Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process”. Your comprehensive inspection and evaluation is comprised of:

  • Environmental Site Assessment including Phase 1 Assessment, Phase 2 Testing, and Phase 3 Reclamation.
  • Inspection of the building envelope (roof, walls, window systems, doors), interior finishes, electrical and mechanical systems, and accessible structural components.
  • Assessment of Fire/Life Safety and Exterior Site Features (walkways, roadways, parking, landscaping, etc.).
  • Written and photographic documentation of each component with observed deficiencies.
  • Review of general documentation on repairs/maintenance history of each component, if available.
  • Cursory review of drawings and/or previous reports pertaining to the building, if available.
  • Interviews and discussions with on-site staff regarding repairs/maintenance history conducted on the building.
  • Compilation of MRE Inspection findings in a formal written report, which includes observed deficiencies, and a list of recommendations for repair/replacement with associated estimated costs for each component. 

Make informed, critical decisions about your building with this top-level, comprehensive condition assessment.

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We have worked hard to cultivate lasting and trusted relationships with the industry’s top players. As a client of Mellon Real Estate Inspections, you benefit from our robust network of certified partners, leaders in design and technology, and commercial contractors. Here we featured some of our most valued associations.

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A home represents a significant investment. For buyers and sellers hoping to protect their investment a residential inspection is key. For buyers, a residential inspection gives you the insight you need to negotiate your purchase, request repair of any deficiencies, or walk away from a


A commercial inspection is a critical strategy to maximize your investment and minimize your risk when purchasing. Mellon Real Estate Inspections is certified, bonded, and insured for $5 million in errors and omissions; five times the coverage of most commercial inspectors. Mellon is uniqu


The safety and functionality of your industrial space is key to manufacturing profitability and productivity. Whether your facility is new construction, a retrofit, or a previously-owned industrial building, comprehensive inspection of the physical structures, infrastructure, and functiona

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Yes, we cultivated a network of trusted industry partnerships with reputable companies for any commercial repair that needs to be completed. We will collaborate with these partners to provide quotes.

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